1. The unique transparent platform, creating by users to users to find the right thing without advertisement.
  2. Use specific attributes and parameters of searching article to find quickly and easily accurately what you are looking for. Say no to the advertisement and recommendations.
  3. Innovative Categorization/Classification/Structurization/Systematization/Directorization using as many specific detailed attributes like location (vector and interval), time (vector and interval), ratings, comments, etc., to discover right for current user products, services, people, events and ideas
  4. Detailed comparative lists and catalogues for everything. Connection without intermediaries
  5. Creating of Transparency via user/customer/editor comments and ratings for any offering products, services, people, events and ideas
  6. One place for all similar and competitor things- products, services, people, events and ideas
  7. The lists of structured data present from users to users in a visual tables with precise refine filters
  8. Fast and easy find similar things and select the best choice for you without to use middleman
  9. All similar things in respective category present to users in a visual table with filters as comments, ratings, expirations, locations, and many more detailed attributes
  10. Faster, easier and more transparent searching and comparison by many detailed specification attributes to find the best match for you without to use commission agent
  11. Platform, creating by users to users for structured collecting and categorizing of similar and related data for everything- products, services, people, events and ideas
  12. Fast, easy and transparent via structured data tables find and connect products, services, people, events and ideas
  13. Find or create structured data of any kind more hopefully, reliably, transparently by rates, comments, reviews, expirations, locations, or any others specification attributes
  14. The Tables contain similar (for comparison filters) items of any kind (for respective category) like products, services, people, events and ideas
  15. The Base Main Categories/Directories of each table are:
    1. Promotions and Discounts;
    2. Recommendations;
    3. Similar;
    4. Relations;
    5. Propose and Seek Offers for Sell, Buy, Rent, Donate and Exchange;
    6. Data type of Text, Picture, Video, Audio, Software-Applications, Software-Games, Comparison Chart Lists;
    7. Limited offers by time: deal-a minute, deal-a hour, deal-a-day, etc.;
    8. Limited offers by location: magazine, office, street, neighborhood, district, city, state, country, etc.;
    9. Limited offers by both time and location;
  16. Table Specifications:
    1. Each table's column can contain data of eight data types:
      1. Numeric[integer,float]
      2. Text
      3. DateTime
      4. Enumerate
      5. Picture
      6. File
      7. Location
      8. Expiration
    2. Each table have eleven system obligatory columns (exist always):
      1. Title
      2. Rate Positive
      3. Rate Negative
      4. Comment Positive
      5. Comment Negative
      6. Comment Negative
      7. Comment Neutral
      8. Author
      9. Creation
      10. Last Update
      11. Count Updates
Want to help people to find easy and fast true things right for them- lets together creating this platform more genuine, accurate and quality:
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Note: The platform is developing for IE and Firefox. Her current stage is beta. Please be patient and report bugs when occures. Thank you for your support!

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